COVID-19 Updates


Important Pandemic Information

IMMUNIZATION: All Lynn Valley Care Centre residents have received at least two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. As per direction from Public Health, we are urging families and residents who have not received a vaccine for COVID-19 or have not received a booster to consider getting their vaccination. 

VISITING LOVED ONES: Visitation to Long-Term Care will resume as per pre-pandemic schedule. The following is our visitation process, based on the latest directions given to us by BCCDC and the MOH:

Visitation hours remain the same: Everyday 10:00am – 8:00pm.

Key changes to the visitation policy as per MOH and BCCDC:

Social visits will resume in all LTC homes by Friday, March 18, 2022. A social visitor is someone not routinely involved in the resident’s healthcare needs and visiting is more social in nature. The frequency and duration of these visits will depend on the needs of the residents and the homes, and will be assessed on an individual basis. Note that these visits will be suspended if there is an outbreak at our home.

All visitors over the age of 12 must undergo screening for COVID-19, provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a legitimate documented medical exemption and have a negative COVID-19 rapid antigen test result prior to visiting (the RAT is exempted for compassionate visits related to end-of-life care and for visitors 11 and under). Visitors who return an inconclusive RAT test result will be required to undergo another test, whether this is done on-site or at home. If a valid negative test is not available, the visitor may not be allowed to enter our home unless the visit is to residents receiving end-of-life care. Visitors who test positive on-site will not be allowed to visit and information relating to self-isolation will be provided by our staff.

Visitors have the option of testing themselves with a rapid antigen take-home test kit within 48 hours prior to their visit. Test results must be obtained within 48 hours of the visit and communicated prior to entering our home as part of the screening process. The test can also be done on-site. The RAT test kits for home use may be assessed by our staff. They are available in pharmacies in the community. We will be offering two in-house training sessions on how to conduct RAT in the coming weeks, and invites will be sent out. RSVP is required to attend these sessions. 

We will also inform you at these sessions how you can access the kits from our home.

We encourage all visitors to continue to wear medical masks provided by our home at all times during their visits, regardless of where the visits take place. Masks continue to be mandatory in all areas except private rooms. No visitors are allowed in the common areas when there are other residents there. Special arrangements are required to use the common areas such as the dining room and lounge, and these requests must be submitted to Betty in writing for approval in advance.

If the resident does not want to visit or stay in their room, the visitor must not leave the room until they wish to leave the facility. The care staff will attempt to get the resident back to the room, but if the resident does not wish to go back to the room, the visit will terminate.

All residents can continue to appoint a single designated visitor and this visitor will be allowed to visit during potential outbreaks or whenever social visits are suspended. These visits must be under the guidance and direction of Dr. Alexandra Choi (our assigned medical Health Officer) to ensure safety for all residents and visitors. At LVCC, we aim to provide one weekly visit from each resident’s DV. The frequency of visits has been increased based on the needs of our residents thus far. Please be aware, however, that it will not always be possible to accommodate additional visitation requests due to staff or resource limitations. We will always try our best, but we request your understanding and patience if you are informed that a particular time is not available.

All visitors must continue to practice meticulous hand hygiene and you are asked to limit your movements throughout the home while visiting. This is to facilitate contact tracing if we have an outbreak. As directed by BCCDC and MOH, visitors who repeatedly ignore appropriate infection prevention and control precautions will be excluded from future visitation. This is to maintain safety for all residents, families and staff.

As mandated by the health authorities, in addition to a negative rapid antigen test, visitors over 12 must:

  • Be asymptomatic for COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses
  • Provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccination or a legitimate documented medical exemption (these are not required for compassionate end-of-life visits)

Regular/Essential visitors are recommended by BCCDC to test no more than three times a week. Frequency of testing for regular/essential visitors will be addressed on a case-by-case basis after discussion between the visitor and the Director of Care and her team.

Children under the age of 12 can visit our home. They are exempted from taking the Rapid Antigen Test and they must be free of symptoms of all respiratory illnesses. It is recommended that children who are able to tolerate wearing a medical mask should wear one during the visit.

Pets are allowed to visit if they comply with the rules and guidelines and must remain on a leash at all times. There must be no stopping to let your dog visit with other residents.

There is no direction from BCCDC and MOH relating to the number of visitors who can come to visit simultaneously. At LVCC, we recommend one visitor for residents residing in the Lodge and two for those living in the Manor, per visit (except in shared rooms). This is based on the size of the room, to ensure safety for everyone. We will entertain groups of 4-5 when celebrating residents’ birthdays or anniversary based on availability of resources, on a case-by-case basis. These requests must be submitted in writing to Betty for approval by email at

Please contact Betty by email at if you would like to bring in outside help (e.g. private companions and other allied health professionals). This will not be permitted without the written approval of management.

Visitation hours return to pre-pandemic schedule: Everyday 10:00am – 8:00pm.

MASK MANDATE: Masks continue to be mandatory in all areas regardless of where visitations take place, except private rooms. 

STAYING CONNECTED: Those who cannot visit at this time are encouraged to continue connecting with loved ones via phone calls, video chats, letters, notes, and drawings.

We’ll be keeping you updated about further easing of restrictions as we learn more from the Ministry of Health. While we’re looking forward to being able to reunite our residents with their loved ones, the safety of our residents, staff and visitors remains our utmost priority.

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