COVID-19 Updates


Important Pandemic Information

IMMUNIZATION: Our residents have now received their first and second shots of the Modern vaccine. We’re looking forward to continued health and renewed visits with family in the foreseeable future.

VISITING LOVED ONES: To schedule your visit, contact reception at (preferred) or 604-982-3719. If you would like an in room visit please advise this, otherwise you will be booked for a visit in our reception area. If your loved one is in a shared room your visit must take place in the visitation area. We will send you an e-mail reply with a possible date and time, please then confirm that you will take this appointment.

You are able to visit for up to 60 minutes per week. You will be able to come alone, or with one other adult and/or child (under 18) as long as they are in your household or bubble if you live alone. You do not need to be “designated visitor” anymore to be able to book a visit, however all visits must be pre-booked to ensure screening compliance is done.

Upon their arrival, visitors can expect to be screened and have their temperature checked by our special infrared thermometers. You will be asked to remove your own mask, sanitize your hands and put on a new medical grade mask provided by us. If you are feeling unwell or experiencing any symptoms please stay home and we will re-schedule your visit with you.

If you are going to the room, we will escort you there. Ensure that you do not leave the room, touch anything along your way or interact with any other residents.

If you are wanting to take the resident out the process is similar to scheduling a visit, however, instead of reception you will e-mail Betty at with the date, time and summary of event.

Due to staffing and safety measures, visits will be taking place Monday to Friday only, 9am to 5pm. Call 604-988-4181 to schedule a visit.

END-OF-LIFE VISITS: Families may arrange in-room visits for end-of-life care by calling 604-988-4181.

STAYING CONNECTED: Those who cannot visit at this time are encouraged to continue connecting with loved ones via phone calls, video chats, letters, notes, and drawings.

We’ll be keeping you updated about further easing of restrictions as we learn more from the Ministry of Health. While we’re looking forward to being able to reunite our residents with their loved ones, the safety of our residents, staff and visitors remains our utmost priority.

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