August 2020


The past few months has been a very difficult and challenging time for us all. With these challenges we are continually adapting to the changing situation. Our aim is to keep you informed on new guidelines as we are advised of them.

Going forward, all care conferences will be conducted via Zoom. This will remain for the foreseeable future. We will send the family a Zoom invitation from 12:30 to 3 pm. Please call in at your scheduled time.

The order for one designated visitor per resident is still in place. The designated visitor needs to be the same person for both social and essential visits. We have hired extra staff to help with the visits and to enable our residents to see their loved ones more frequently.


Hi Everyone, here is an update on what has been happening in the Food Service Department. We have now safely opened all of our Manor dining rooms, with residents sat 2 per table, 6 feet apart from each other. We are going to be opening the Lodge dining room on Monday August 24th. We thank you for your patience throughout this process.

We are now back to our regular Summer Menu and we have posted it throughout the building and will also post it on the website. We have also been incorporating herbs from our rooftop garden into our meals, which has been a nice touch. We wish everyone a safe and happy rest of your summer! – Alicia

Lynn valley care centre, chef displays meal in bowl
Lynn valley care centre, outdoor garden beds with plants
Lynn valley care centre, dining room facilities


Nutrition has always played an important role in keeping our residents healthy but even more so during the recent outbreak. With decreased appetite during illness but increased needs in mind, dietitian Mary along with the food service department created a special supplement drink for residents who were affected by COVID-19. Specially formulated by Mary after thorough research, our “Smoothie 2.0” packs a punch of two calories per milliliter, which is more than other supplement drinks offered in house. Made with a blend of protein powder, oil, and fruit (among a few other ingredients), Smoothie 2.0 comes in three different flavours on rotation. It’s been well received and even now, post-outbreak, the kitchen continues to make the Smoothie 2.0 for residents who need the extra nutrition.


Changes have been implemented to the activity department due to the lockdown regulations. We now have an activity staff member on each floor, that is designated to that specific floor. In doing this, we now have more time to engage the residents with one on one-time, meaningful experiences and also connect them with family and friends through facetime. We have also received a generous donation of tablets, that help us to entertain our residents. Now that that activity staff are based on one floor, they are able to conduct and carry out longer activities and group projects to help engage our residents.

One staff member on the activity team has begun researching how to make multisensory pillows/blankets in a way to aide the less cognitive residents they work along-side of.
Activities are more able to carry out meaningful activities that relate to each residents’ individual needs.

Thanks to some sunny weather we have been able to get the residents outside to enjoy the patios, while maintaining a social distance during activities.