Finding the perfect senior care facility for a family member is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. You’ll need to put in a lot of thought into who is taking care of your mother or father and there are many considerations including geographical area, type or residence, and services provided. We also know it can be a stressful time which is why we’ve done a lot of the hard work for you and listed the top senior care facilities in Canada.

Winston Park

The Village of Winston Park

4.5 – 24 Google Reviews

Capacity – 216

The premier senior care centre in Canada, based in Kitchener, Ontario. The Village at Winston Park offers guest stays, respite care, private home care and palliative care. The staff is trained to help with a guest staying long term, under assisted living or suffering from dementia or requiring memory care. The Village keeps ensures that a well-trained team is onsite as they provide 24 hours of professional nursing care. The Village offers programs including but not limited to: billiards, arts and crafts, bingo, movie nights and assisted walks/trails.

The Village of Wentworth Heights

4.1 – 18 Google Reviews

Capacity 258

Both Winston Park and Wentworth Heights are owned by Schlegel Village, a family-run Senior Care business, who set the standard of excellence when it comes to taking care of your loved one. Wentworth Height is based in Hamilton, Ontario and similar to Winston Park offers independent living, assisted living and provides dementia & memory care, long-term care, private home-care as well as palliative care. Wentworth Heights is the largest care facility run by Schlegel Village, contains specialist staff such as dentist, physiotherapist and chiropodist on call at all times. The staff cleans the suites multiple times a week making sure that your loved ones continues living with a high standard of life.

Wentworth Heights
Lynn Valley Care Centre

Lynn Valley Care Centre

4.5 – 4 Google Reviews

Capacity 204

Lynn Valley Care Centre is a modern state-of-the-art complex care facility located in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Lynn Valley offers both private suites and government subsidized rooms that all offer intermediate care, extended care, palliative care, and end-of-life care. The staff on-site are both resident focused and family focused and provide the best care to your loved ones making sure that they live their lives with dignity and respect in a safe and supportive environment. The chefs and cooks of Lynn Valley ensure that all residents eat well-balanced meals that support the nutritional and functional needs of all residents in their care.

Granville Gardens

5 – 5 Google Reviews

Capacity 62

Granville Gardens is an exclusive care centre located in the heart of Kerrisdale, Vancouver. They once again offer independent living and assisted living offering respite, private, palliative and adult day care on site. The staff speaks a variety of languages making it easy for your loved ones to communicate with people when they require assistance.

Granville Gardens
The Lodge At Valley Ridge

The Lodge At Valley Ridge

4- 4 Google Reviews

Capacity 133

Located in Calgary, Alberta, The Lodge at Valley Ridge offers independent living, along with guest stays, respite care, and private home-care. The surrounding community offers a golf & country club as well as amenities for your loved ones to purchase in order to live a meaningful life.

Arbourside Court

4.5 – 2 Google Reviews

Capacity 92

Arbourside Court is a senior community located in Surrey, British Columbia. They offer independent living and private home-care. Arbourside Court offers many shopping locations within walking distance to the facility. There are also many weekly and daily activities offered at Arbourside Court including but not limited to bingo, golf, shuffleboard and movie nights. The cooks at Arbourside Court also have recipes to help seniors who have special diets such as lactose free, gluten free, a low sodium diet and those who are diabetic. Although there are no medical staff such as doctors or dentist on site, they are within walking distances to the facility.

Arbourside Court
Monotrick Place Retirement

Manotick Place Retirement Community

4 – 17 Google Reviews

Capacity 118

Manotick Place Retirement Community is located in Manotick, Ontario. They offer a full range of living situations such as independent living, assisted living, and guest stays while offering services such as respite, private, palliative, convalescent and adult day care. The community is surrounded by a beautiful landscape and excellent services to allow our loved ones to continue living an active, independent lifestyle. The community has registered nurses on hand 24 hours a day as well as a visiting doctor and physiotherapist.

V!VA Barrhaven

5 – 1 Google Review

Capacity 145

Located in Ottawa, Ontario, V!VA Barrhaven is a new ultra-modern all-inclusive retirement community. V!VA offers independent and assisted living and offers respite care, palliative care, and convalescent care. Each suite is brightly designed and each meal is carefully crafted in order to give your loved ones a carefree, active and happy lifestyle. V!VA also has a visiting doctor to ensure that our seniors are in the best shape they can be in.

Viva Life Retirement
Daren Hill Living

Davenhill Senior Living

4.2 – 14 Google Reviews

Capacity 198

Davenhill Senior living is located in Toronto, Ontario and offers independent and assisted living. They also provide care for dementia, memory, respite, private and palliative. Davenhill provides many programs such as bingo, bible nights, and movie nights. Davenhill has registered practical nurses in the facility 24 hours a day as well as personal support workers. Visiting doctors, physiotherapist and chiropodist make sure that those who live in the care centre are well taken care of.

Chartwell Lynnwood Retirement Residence

5 – 3 Google Reviews

3 Reviews – 5 Stars

Located in Chilliwack, Chartwell Lynnwood offers independent and assisted living, and offers memory, long-term and extended care. Chartwell extends a safe and rewarding lifestyle to those who live in the community, and believe that through their care they can make people’s lives better.