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The 8 Best Exercises for Seniors (and 8 to Avoid)

At Lynn Valley, we always encourage certain exercises for seniors to stay active. While old age should be a time of rest, seniors need to do their exercises to stay healthy as much as the rest of us. In fact, research in recent years has shown a much-improved quality of life and longevity in people who keep active compared to those who live [...]

Vancouver Heatwave: 10 Symptoms of Overheating in Seniors

The Vancouver heatwave has seen British Columbia break several temperature records as a nasty heat dome settled over the Pacific Northwest starting in June. With the heat came major discomfort amongst the population, specifically in the ageing population. During June alone, 569 people died from heat exposure, the majority being seniors.  This summer, protecting yourself and your loved ones from heat exhaustion or [...]

The Care Guarantee: Why Choose A Care Home

As humans, we all crave care and attention. From infancy through teenagehood, mid-life, and into our golden years, our needs certainly change. But the need to be valued – and valuable to those around us – remains. As our society's older generations move into retirement homes and settle into old age routines, the desire to be considered, included and relevant only becomes more [...]

Vancouver Heatwave: 7 Ways To Protect Your Senior Loved One From Overheating This Summer

Here we go again! The seemingly never-ending Vancouver heatwave has made it more important than ever to protect ourselves from the sun, heat and dehydration during summertime. With temperatures hitting a record 45 degrees in certain areas across BC, the heatwave has proven both oppressing and deadly. The ageing population, many of whom are unprepared or isolated, has been especially hard hit by [...]

A Word from our Director: One Year Later, Looking Back at Lynn Valley Care Centre’s COVID-19 Journey

By Noori Shahkar, Lynn Valley Care Centre Administrator & Environmental Safety Co-ordinator To say that the year has been a tough and incredibly challenging one for all of us is an understatement. We are one year into the global outbreak of COVID-19, but at the Lynn Valley Care Centre, we remember it like it was yesterday. And to say that the [...]

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