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Common Scams For Seniors in BC

Financial abuse of elders and seniors is a very common problem. Senior fraud has been called the crime of the 21st century. Elderly people are more vulnerable to financial crimes, as their unfamiliarity with technology and declining cognition make it easier for scammers to exploit them. In addition, seniors are generally thought of as having significant savings or assets, such as homes, cars [...]

BC Seniors’ Week 2022: Giving a Voice to the Vulnerable

The following article was written by the Lynn Valley Care Team and also published in the Lonsdale Avenue Magazine, to spread awareness regarding this important week. In October 2002, the Government of British Columbia designated the first week of June as "Seniors' Week." Held this year between June 5 - 11, BC Seniors' Week recognizes seniors' societal contributions and advocates for their rights [...]

What it’s Like to Work in a Care Centre

Working in a care centre is a challenging, demanding, but gratifying career. Every day there is something new, and the care staff experience so many things. Care centre staff work hard and do well to ensure that residents are happy, healthy and safe. This article details the day-to-day working environment in a senior care centre through an inside view from real care staff. [...]

Having a Senior Moment vs Signs of Dementia or Alzheimer’s

You may have heard the phrase “senior moment,” which is a polite way of saying an older person had a moment of forgetfulness or confusion attributed to advanced age. However, these slight lapses can happen at any age, so senior moment is something of a misnomer. That said, they do become more frequent as we get older. They can be a perfectly natural [...]

5 Ways to Help a Senior Move into a Long-Term Care Facility

Transitioning a loved one to a long-term care facility comes with many concerns and challenges. You want them to be as happy as possible, from the things that they consume, to the staff taking care of them, to the entertainment they receive. You also want to help your loved one settle into their new home; consider these points ahead of time and during [...]

What are Personal Care Services for Seniors?

There are a range of services available in Canada for the elderly. But we are often asked what actually qualifies as personal care services for seniors. Short-Term Personal Care Services for Seniors Short-term personal care is offered for residents who have spent time in hospital, had an accident, or their usual caregiver is away. In some cases, short-term senior care services can mean [...]

5 Best Retirement Homes in North Vancouver, BC (2022)

If you or your elderly loved ones live nearby, you may be comparing the best North Vancouver retirement homes. Whether planning for your own retirement or considering a retirement home for a senior in your life, it’s an important decision. It can also be a scary one, so we hope the second function of this article is to show the independence, community and [...]

7 Myths About Older Brains and Health Busted

There are lots of myths we assume or hear about old people, particularly in regard to how older brains function and elder health. Many of these myths stem from outdated science and untrue sayings like, “You can’t teach and old dog new tricks”. So, we’re here to dig in to some of the great untruths about the elderly and bust some myths. 7 [...]

10 Winter Senior Activities to Enjoy in Vancouver

It’s a common misconception that if you don’t ski or snowboard, you’re stuck indoors through winter until the spring. It can be an isolating time for seniors. In actuality, there are so many winter senior activities to take part in as the days grow colder, both indoors and out. Here are some of our favourites! Ride the Stanley Park Train All aboard! The [...]

The 8 Best Exercises for Seniors (and 8 to Avoid)

At Lynn Valley, we always encourage certain exercises for seniors to stay active. There’s a persistent falsehood in our society that old age is a time of slowing down and resting. But seniors need to do their exercises to stay healthy justas much as the rest of us. In fact, research in recent years has shown a much-improved quality of life and longevity [...]

Vancouver Heatwave: 10 Symptoms of Overheating in Seniors

The Vancouver heatwave has seen British Columbia break several temperature records as a nasty heat dome settled over the Pacific Northwest starting in June. With the heat came major discomfort amongst the population, specifically in the ageing population. During June alone, 569 people died from heat exposure, the majority being seniors.  This summer, protecting yourself and your loved ones from heat exhaustion or [...]

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