Events & Activities


We offer a variety of recreational and therapeutic activities to meet the diverse needs of our residents.


Our staff work hard to help maximize residents’ physical and mental independence. We hold regular chair exercise classes throughout the facility, working on stability, strength and range of motion. In addition, our residents can enjoy balance and strength classes, chair basketball, chair yoga and a stretching/resistance class. 

Nurse helps elderly people exercise at care lynn valley care centre


Who doesn’t love a good canine cuddle? In addition to our resident cat on our third floor, trained volunteers regularly bring certified therapy pets into the facility to interact with the residents. We also welcome all well behaved pets to visit!


At Lynn Valley Care Centre, residents enjoy a unique variety of weekly musical events. We are pleased to employ musical therapists, who engage our residents in individual and group sessions, including two resident choirs. Residents who love to sing meet weekly to practice for their upcoming concerts. The two resident choirs perform four times a year for the other residents and family members. Recently the choirs have been joined by the children from the onsite daycare for the first part of their choir rehearsal.

In addition, we offer a delightful monthly classical music program presented by professional musicians through the Health Arts Society.

On a regular basis, many talented local musicians and choirs volunteer their time to provide residents with enjoyable music such as old-time and seasonal favorites, country & western, Elvis and folk.


From tango to tap, our residents thoroughly enjoy watching dance, and sometimes they can even participate! For example, Hawaiian dancers help us “Beat the Winter Blues” in January, young Irish dancers entertain us for St. Patrick’s Day and on Father’s Day, the tradition is to have a belly dancer. And when we can’t have in-person performances, our residents enjoy watching videos of dancing online or on film, too.


Our chefs do a great job with our day-to-day menus – but sometimes it’s fun to try something a little different! Our residents love to get together to socialize and taste new cuisines. For our residents with memory degeneration, food can be a powerful stimulant and joyful experience. 

man barbequing chicken


Resident “green thumbs” are always welcome to help staff on our 5th-floor garden – and more often than not they have expert tips and tricks up their sleeves! We grow a few of our own vegetables such as tomatoes, kale, radishes, zucchini and a variety of herbs which our cooks use in their soups and main entrees.


Our local movie buffs enjoy coming down to our newly-renovated Screening Room – complete with a big screen TV, posters and paraphernalia – and catching a showing of their favourite films. From comedies to romantic dramas, we screen much-loved classics for everyone.


Under the B…. Bingo! No game is as popular with our residents as Bingo. Our staff lead residents through a variety of Bingo games at least once (and often several times) a week , helping them to maintain their mental agility and to try their luck. 


Whether they arrive with bowling skills, or pick up the game as the play, many of our residents enjoy getting together from some five-pin tabletop bowling. Not only does the game challenge fine and gross motor skills, but it also gives our men and women an opportunity to stay social. 


Puzzles help to promote cognitive function and fine-motor skills, and our local puzzle masters love nothing more! Many of our residents enjoy sitting out on the deck or in a peaceful indoor nook to piece together one of our many idyllic scenes. Staff are on-hand to help guide and encourage residents through the process – and to celebrate with them once that final piece is in.  


Strawberry, vanilla or chocolate? Many of our residents have a sweet tooth – and our hot summer days are perfect for a cool treat. Our ice cream socials are a hit with our residents, especially on a nice warm summer day on the patio.

Knitting and Crochet

We have a small knitting and crocheting circle, where residents can come together and work peacefully side by side or engage in some friendly conversation.  

Painting, Drawing and Decorating

Many of our residents have a knack for art, and we’re happy to oblige. We offer painting and drawing, and even have our residents help out in some holiday decorating.  At LVCC, we love to keep things festive! 

Telling Stories and Reminiscing:

We all have a story  to tell, and at Lynn Valley Care Centre, we have plenty of eager listeners too! We offer creative storytelling programs, allowing our residents to share their own stories and memories. Our storytelling circles inspire, engage and entertain through the art of reminiscing.


Once a month, we celebrate our residents’ birthdays on each floor with a party and entertainment. Residents also enjoy marking their birthday with a special meal.


At Lynn Valley Care Centre, we pride ourselves on our ability to create a warm, home-like environment. Part of that warmth comes from celebrating the holidays and seasonal events that our residents would otherwise be enjoying at home. Whether it’s Christmas, Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s and Father’s Days, Canada Day or any other event, we ensure common rooms are decorated, festive meals are served, and our residents are celebrating in style!

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