February 2019


Thank you for helping Lynn Valley Care Centre remain free from influenza and gastroenteritis. Unfortunately, this is the time of year that colds and the flu are prevalent in the community and we do not want the residents to be in contact with these germs.

Please DO NOT VISIT if you have any cold, influenza or stomach flu symptoms. Please be extra vigilant and report to the nurse if you or anyone in your family is experiencing symptoms. We want to ensure you are infection free before coming to visit.

If you have gastroenteritis (symptoms include vomiting and/or diarrhea) we recommend that you refrain from visiting for at least 48 hours after symptoms are over.

If you have influenza (symptoms are more severe and include a cough, fever, sore throat, headache, muscle aches, and general fatigue) please stay away until symptoms resolve or for 5 days after onset of symptoms, whichever is sooner.

Remember to WASH YOUR HANDS well and often. Soap and water is always best, but in a pinch, the hand sanitizers work well. And, if you notice that the hand sanitizer is empty, please let a staff person know.


Happy February everyone!  We have some fun events to look forward to this coming month. To end January on a high note, we will be celebrating Robbie Burns on Friday, January 25th, with Scottish scones served at teatime. Wow, where is the time going? We’re into February already! Moving right along into February, Tuesday, Feb. 5th, it’s Chinese New Year, which will be celebrated with a special evening meal with Sweet and Sour Pork and fortune cookies. On Thursday, Feb. 14th we will celebrate Valentine’s day with a special Candlelight Dinner (menu to be announced).

We would like to remind all our new residents that they are welcome to have guests at meals. It is advisable to book ahead by contacting the appropriate Nursing Station. The charge is $8.00 for lunch meals / $10.00 for evening meals, nurses can fill out a slip to allow residents to have the charge transferred to their account (or the fee can be paid in cash directly to the nurse). We request that you give us at least 2 hours notice to enable our staff to set the table, etc.


Again, we would like to remind Residents and family members to have all new clothing labeled before they are worn. Otherwise, they will likely find their way to our Lost & Found rack in our Laundry, with no way of finding out whom they belong to.

Please place new clothing items in a bag labeled with the resident’s name and give to the Nurse, who will ensure it gets sent down separately for labeling by our Laundry staff.


Special Events:
Greg Alcock piano music
– Friday, February 1st
– 2:15 Garden Room

Happy Chinese New Year!
– Tuesday, February 5th
– 12:00 Lunch & Celebration

Knitting Club
– Wednesday, February 6th
– 10:30 Garden Room

Teens to Seniors Art Organization
– Valentine’s Day Craft Workshop

Sea Lover’s Lunch Outing
– Wednesday, February 6th

Swinging Singles Dance Group
– Thursday, February 7th
– 2:00 Garden Room

Music Around the World
– Monday, February 11th
– 2:00 Garden Room

Artsway Concert
– Tuesday, February 12th
– 2:15 Garden Room

Valentine’s Day Happy Hour!
– Wednesday, February 13th
– 2:30 Lodge

Happy Valentine’s Day Social
– Thursday, February 14th
– 2:30

Park Gate Singers
– Thursday, February 21st 10:30 Garden Room

Bridge Club
– Fridays at 2:00 in the Garden Room

Balance & Strength program
– Lodge: 10:00 Tuesday’s in the Garden Room
– Manor: 10:00 Thursdays in the Garden Room

Birthday Parties
Lodge- Wednesday, February 27th 2:30
Manor 1- Tuesday, February 19th 1:30 with Greg Alcock
Manor 2- Thursday, February 21st
Manor 3 & 4- Tuesday, February 26th


Telus has been awarded the contract for our Facility’s Cable Vision. They will be providing us with a High Quality and Flexible TV service called “Telus Senior Living Optic TV”.

Telus contractors are currently in the building installing the wiring that is needed to provide Optic Tv technology to the facility. The work will take a couple of months to complete. An announcement will be made as to when the new TV System will be in place.

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