After a serious health injury or surgery that requires hospitalization, many seniors need rehabilitation services, such as physical therapy and nursing care to help them recover. However, many families and seniors are not aware that they have a variety of choices of where to complete their rehabilitation. Determining the best location for a loved one to do recover depends on the severity of the injury, your family situation, personal preference and the availability in your area. Rehabilitation care starts in the hospital but is usually completed at home or a nursing facility like Lynn Valley Care Center.

The most important factor in determining where to complete rehabilitation is to find a setting that will reduce their risk of hospital readmission while helping them regain their strength and confidence as quickly as possible so they can go on with their daily lives. Typically, rehabilitation therapy should be conducted a few times a week, depending on the severity of the injury or surgery and based upon a doctor’s recommendation. However, to have a successful outcome, seniors must be motivated to exercise when the therapist is not present.

Best Rehabilitation Centre For The Elderly

Senior Nursing Care Facilities

Most people do not understand the difference between home care, assisted living, and nursing care. Each can provide a role in rehabilitation, depending on the senior’s circumstance.

Assisted living is for elderly or disabled people who don’t need full-time health care but may need a little extra support. It might be a good fit for someone who has memory loss or at risk of injury. Rehabilitation can be carried out at Assisted Living centers.

Home care is classified as non-medical support and is for the time and duration that you specify. Some rehabilitation services can be carried out in the home through home health agencies. Visiting therapists or health care workers come once or twice a week to monitor health, administer injections, provide wound care, strength training and physical therapy exercises.

Lastly, nursing care is provided by licensed medical professionals who can help seniors with complex health needs. Nursing care is usually the most comprehensive of the three options. This type of Senior care facility is generally for people who need long-term health care like 24-hour nursing services and skilled medical care. However, Lynn Valley Care Center also offers short-term rehabilitation stays for people with immediate needs. If your loved one is confined to a bed, or requires extensive nursing services, a skilled nursing facility is often the best option.

Rehabilitation Is good for seniors who have undergone:

  • Surgery
  • Stroke
  • Fall
  • neurological conditions
  • Prolonged illness

Rehabilitation Care at Lynn Valley Care Centre

Many people are not aware that rehabilitation can also be completed in nursing care facilities like Lynn Valley Care Center. Just like at home, nursing care can provide specific therapies and nursing services with the added benefit of 24-hour assistance from the medical staff.

If your loved one requires assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing or meal preparation after a hospitalization, a short stay at Lynn Valley Care Center may be a good rehabilitation option.

Nursing care facilities have a physical therapy and occupational therapy room in their building so that residents can take advantage of high-tech equipment and receive therapy multiple times throughout the day.

Best Rehabilitation Centre For The Elderly: Conclusion

For those who have had a recent hospitalization, ask about a short-term respite care stay, which typically lasts between a couple of weeks to a couple of months. In addition to 24-hour nursing care, all meals and snacks, housekeeping and laundry services are provided for so your loved one can focus on getting healthy again. At Lynn Valley Care Centre, you can shorten or lengthen your stay based upon need without any penalty. If you want to compare specific care homes, read our article on the five best retirement homes in North Vancouver.