The holiday season is a time of friends and family but it can be tough for seniors who have lost a loved one or feel lonely. But it’s easy to brighten their days and bring some holiday cheer into their lives with a few helpful hints.

Take them Shopping

Some people love shopping, others hate it. If a senior loves to try on new clothes, go out for a meal, or look at jewelry then offer to take them with you. Be mindful as malls can get pretty crazy that you don’t go during peak times, especially if the senior has limited mobility. If that senior in your life doesn’t like shopping, there are plenty of other activities to do.

Send a card in the mail

If they live far away, it might not be possible to visit them during the holidays so instead send them a Christmas card. You can include a family picture and a quick update about what is going on in your life. Most people don’t bother with cards anymore or send e-cards so a beautifully handwritten note can make all the difference.

Help Seniors Decorate

One of the best things you can do is to help decorate their residence room with some lights, holly, or stockings, and Christmas tree. You might be surprised how much joy a simple gesture can help brighten someone’s mood and the best thing is that every time they look at the decorations they think of you.

Seek out Christmas Events

There are plenty of events for seniors, especially around Christmas. Find out and attend these events or social gatherings for seniors in their community. There may also be volunteer opportunities for the seniors such as food drives or wrap presents by donation.

Get the kids involved

There are so many benefits to bringing youth and seniors together. If you have kids, bring them along when you visit or help a senior. They can learn a lot from each other and enjoy each other’s company—despite the age gap. Both seniors and kids can learn a lot from one another and it gives each a sense of the importance of family.

Include them in Family Activities

Spend some quality time with the seniors even if they aren’t part of your family or friend’s circle. They have a lot to teach you, and they will appreciate the time you spend with them. Make sure to invite them over for dinner, a Christmas movie or arts, and crafts. Even if they don’t end up coming, they will appreciate being invited.


The holiday season is a happy and joyous time for most of us filled with lots of eating, relaxing and spending time with friends and family. But for many seniors who don’t have family around, find this time of year to be hectic, confusing and even depressing, depending on their mental and physical conditions. The good news is that by going out of your way to include a senior it can make the season that much happier for all involved.