All moms deserve to be pampered on Mother’s Day! But, it may feel harder to do that as your mom gets older. Older adults often have less need for trinkets and less space to keep them in. Not to mention, you might start running out of original ideas over the years!

To help you find the perfect gift this Mother’s Day, we compiled a list of 10 great gifts for elderly mums. 

This comprehensive list includes thoughtful crafts, tech-savvy tools to make your mom’s life easier, and comfy, cozy items.

Shoulder and neck heating pad

heated neck and shoulder warmer for seniors

Price: $54.99

What better way to get comfy, and help relieve neck and back pain, than with a heated pad?

Creative books

sudoku puzzle book cover

Price: $6.95

Stimulating books like sudoku, crosswords, and word search are a great pastime – not to mention an excellent way to keep the mind sharp! A game or trivia book is the perfect gift for moms who are up for a challenge.

A cozy blanket 

Beige blanket draped over couch corner

Price: $10-$200

Something to reach for when your mom wants to wrap up and get comfy. A new blanket can make those relaxing read-a-book days extra special. 

Bluetooth speaker for her smartphone

black bose bluetooth speaker

Price: $169.00

If your mother is hard of hearing, this smartphone speaker is a great way for your mom to watch movies and listen to music on their phone. (But, if your mother lives in a care facility, beware of next-door neighbours who might not want to hear your mom’s TV through the walls!).

A great alternative is…

Smartphone and TV-compatible headphones

black bluetooth headphones on stand

Price: $149.99

This is for the mother who does live in a care home and has a next-door neighbor. With these headphones, your mom can enjoy her shows while keeping the peace in her hall.

A nice bouquet of flowers (delivered)

Bouquet of yellow pink and white flowers in a glass vase

Price: $68.00

A tried-and-true classic. Nothing makes you feel more special than receiving a full bouquet of flowers and a new vase! These flowers will light up her room for at least a week. What says ‘Mother’s Day’ better than flowers?

A photo album

photo albums on a table beside a camera and flowers

Price: Priceless

This is an especially meaningful gift for moms who suffer from dementia. Collecting photos that your mom hasn’t seen in a while may help her feel grounded and at peace. They can also lay the groundwork for a great bonding moment. 

A digital picture frame

digital picture frame showing smiling family pic

Price: $129.99

Put together all your new pictures and download them into a digital picture frame! It will flip through your photos so all your family’s best memories are just a glance away.

A furry companion

orange cat laying on wood floor

Price: varies

If housing permits, a cat may be the low-maintenance and comforting friend your mom has been looking for.

A comfy robe

woman wearing cream colorer robe

Price: $99.00

No mom would say no to a brand-new fuzzy robe… regardless of age. This UGG robe is the perfect way for your mother to cozy-up and get comfortable.

A brand new walker

pink evolution walker four wheeled walker for seniors

Price: varies

A good walker can make a world of difference. They can enhance mobility and safety while improving the quality of life for your loved one. 

Final Thoughts

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show gratitude to your mom. You can celebrate all the amazing women in your life with a phone call or gathering – but a gift to show just how much you appreciate them never hurts. 

We hope your mom will love at least one of the items on this list. But when in doubt, go with something personal. Moms love thoughtful gifts! Personalizing a photo album or finding a memorable keepsake is a sure way to make your mom smile this Sunday.

Regardless of what you go with, your mom is sure to appreciate the love that went into your gift choice. Happy Mother’s Day!

If an elderly member of your family is in need of senior care, contact us today!