Transferring into a senior living centre can be a frightening experience for many seniors. Before making the transition, there are many things to consider. One of the largest obstacles, of course, is the cost. Prices for private care in nursing homes can vary depending on several factors, but most importantly, the complexity of care needed.

What are Private Nursing Care Services?

Private nursing care services are comprehensive and may include palliative care, respite care, companion care, and memory care. Nursing care facilities are staffed around the clock with qualified nursing professionals, including Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, and experienced healthcare managers who understand senior care needs in general, and can provide your loved one with the private care they need.

At Lynn Valley, we are committed to helping all our patients get the most out of life and make good decisions about their health and overall wellbeing. Our staff always advise our residents and their families about their care options and encourage them to understand their condition in an informed manner. Furthermore, we work alongside our doctors, nursing staff, and health care professionals to ensure that the treatment and care we provide are professional and in the resident’s best interest.

What Private Nursing Care Services Can I Have?

When considering the most appropriate care for a resident, we invite those involved to meet our head nurse and the rest of the staff for an initial consultation so that the senior, their partner, and families can feel comfortable and can discuss the best care solutions. Each senior has their particular requirements, and while it is often easy to identify immediate needs that have brought the person to our facility, there are often other needs to consider – whether it’s as simple as a favourite activity or a particular food. We take everything into account to ensure our resident feels right at home. That is why we always take the time to discuss every aspect with the seniors and their families thoroughly.

Private Care: How to Apply For Financial Assistance 

There are financial options available if you need help paying for nursing care. Many bursaries and grants are available to help with payment and additional expenses. Another option is insurance. Some types of insurance will pay wholly or partially for nursing care. It would be best if you talked to your insurance agent about options. Insurance companies are not always easy to deal with, and sometimes your insurance provider will try and deny your claim. You may need a doctor’s note describing the senior’s physical or mental limitations to get the insurance company to assist with payment.

Life insurance is another resource you may already have that can cover the costs of nursing. If you want your life insurance to remain in place but are comfortable having less to leave to your beneficiaries, pull money out from the built-up cash value. If you are ready to cash out completely, expect to pay income tax on the full amount. However, some policies do not allow cashing out before death, so you should talk to your insurance agent about your options.

The Veterans Affairs office can offer financial assistance for nursing care. To receive this benefit, the senior must have served for at least 90 days during a period of conflict. If you need further information, check out the BC Seniors Living Association website, which has several resources about nursing care.

If you have any questions about other types of financial assistance, ask us at Lynn Valley for advice. We can also help advocate on your behalf to get your family member the care they need. A great resource is Seniors First BC, which has many suggestions on programs available.

Private Care At Lynn Valley Care Centre

Planning for long-term nursing care is vitally important, and it needs to be done well in advance before it is time to consider moving into a care home. The sad reality is that very few people plan ahead—even those who do financial planning in other areas. Unfortunately, many seniors feel denial and resist doing end-of-life planning or will talk about their options. At Lynn Valley, we are committed to our residents and their families. Whether you decide on private pay or government-assisted, we can assure you will get the best treatment. For more information on our services and facilities, feel free to contact us.