If you or your elderly loved ones live nearby, you may be comparing the best North Vancouver retirement homes. Whether planning for your own retirement or considering a retirement home for a senior in your life, it’s an important decision. It can also be a scary one, so we hope the second function of this article is to show the independence, community and excitement that can be found in the right retirement community. As part of our promise to make the lives of seniors better, we’ve done the research so that you can see some of the top retirement homes in North Vancouver, all in one place, in no particular order.

Lynn Valley Care Centre

We’re starting with the care centre we know best. Lynn Valley Care Centre is consistently voted in the top-three North Vancouver retirement homes, because of its beautiful location, stunning surrounding views and trails to woodland hills and mountain lakes. Lynn Valley Care Centre provides excellent short-term and long-term care for residents, with a view to maintaining the maximum amount of independence possible.

woodland hills near lynn valley care centre

The Care Centre’s staff of Registered and Licensed Practical Nurses is experienced in caring for residents with complex health issues, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s, palliative and end-of-life care. An in-house dietician and chef work together to develop custom meal plans based on each person’s dietary requirements.

Residents are encouraged to be as independent as possible to maintain the best quality of life. Retirement living at Lynn Valley, North Vancouver is fun and social, with BBQs, birthday parties, games designed to include all, specialized fitness programs, and special-interest clubs encouraging residents to develop strong relationships and gain, maintain or improve skills.

Sunrise of Lynn Valley

Sunrise of Lynn Valley is one of the most lavish care homes in North Vancouver. It boasts 24-hour nursing, personalized dietitian services, medication management, coordinated care, and end-of-life care. A team of highly experienced staff delivers care based on residents’ needs and preferences. Sunrise is something of a care centre conglomerate, with over 320 locations in the US, the UK, and Canada.

Sunrise has a charming dining room and bistro with meals based on each client’s diet and taste. The retirement home’s North Vancouver location has a TV lounge, sunroom, sitting room, library, and reading areas for a varied, enjoyable atmosphere that also includes community therapy pets. These areas can be enjoyed by residents and with visiting family and friends. Sunrise Lynn Valley was a finalist in The North Shore News “Best Senior Residence on the North Shore” contest, and the head Registered Nurse received the 2013 “Sunrise West Region Healthcare Coordinator of the Year” award.

Amica Edgemont Village Retirement Community

Amica Edgemont Village is a popular retirement community in North Vancouver. Amica’s facilities were designed for the comfort, accessibility, and safety of seniors. Its main feature is its location, within walking distance of shopping, food, and amusements offered by Edgeware Village. The senior living residence offers top-tier, licensed residential care including a concierge, dining, landscaped patio, fitness centre, home theatre, gardening centre, hair salon and spa, social activities, entertainment, transportation, cultural trips, and more.

Amica highly prioritises a resident’s personal choice and needs. Seniors can volunteer and take part in activities as they choose, are offered a choice of healthy, fresh meals cooked daily and approved by dieticians, and choose when to socialize or take in the residence’s other facilities.

a senior woman being pushed in her wheelchair on a sunny day at a care centre

Personalized care is provided round the clock. If your personal needs are based in mobility, dressing, bathing or medication monitoring, the staff work to determine how best to provide care that meets each resident’s unique needs.

Chartwell Churchill House Retirement Residence

Chartwell Churchill House is an elegant retirement community in North Vancouver offering a range of living and care options. Housing options at Chartwell Churchill House include independent living and dedicated assisted-living suites.

Chartwell Churchill House places a strong focus on heightened infection control, and fostering safe social experiences within the residence for everyone’s safety and peace of mind. These sentiments are echoed by all of the top retirement homes in North Vancouver.

The on-site facilities include an outdoor landscaped area surrounded by trees and a water feature, a tearoom, library, fitness centre and billiards room—everything you could need to lead a fulfilling and supportive lifestyle.

Summerhill PARC

PARC residential homes place a strong emphasis on connection. Rather than just a residence, a PARC property is looked at as a community based in a central area. Many of the residents and staff have been at Summerhill PARC for a long time, so moving in is like joining an established community.

Residents are very sociable at Summerhill PARC. There are plenty of weekly recreational outings, live concerts, movie nights, fitness classes, clubs and more. But you don’t need to go out to have a great time. People can be seen playing a friendly game of pool or enjoying a coffee in the bistro kitchen. There’s a fireside lounge, popular games room, and library. Meals are prepared to a restaurant standard by the in-house chef, including a daily breakfast buffet, while lunch and dinner are held with table service.

The residents also help maintain the verdant garden, with numerous flowers, bushes, trees and herbs growing. It’s a beautiful spot to sit in fair weather.

North Vancouver Retirement Homes: Contact Lynn Valley Care Centre

You may notice that there is a lot of crossover between the benefits of these facilities. That’s because the basics are vital and tough to maintain: safety, independence, and a lovely place to call home. Sometimes you won’t know if a place is for you until you see it and feel it for yourself, so consider booking a tour.

With five of the best retirement homes in North Vancouver laid out for you, we hope you can get a sense that senior living is just the start of the adventure! Whether it’s yourself or your loved one you are enquiring about, these examples show just what a joy it can be to join a retirement community in North Vancouver. From the activities that keep you young and vibrant to the dedicated and knowledgeable staff who keep you healthy, there is a wonderful time ahead to be embraced.