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Short-term residential care services are provided, usually for less than three months

Short Term Respite Care

Short-term private pay respite care is available if you need temporary care after a hospitalization, an accident or when your usual caregiver is on vacation. 

Caring for an elderly senior at home can be challenging and overwhelming at times. We can provide a break for the family or usual caregiver. We offer a safe environment and professional nursing care.

Short-term residential care services are provided, usually for less than three months, for people who require care as follows:

  • Convalescent Care is provided for residents with stable care needs who require a supervised environment for reactivation and recuperation after surgery or an acute illness.

  • End of Life Care is provided to residents who require support with comfort, dignity, and quality of life in the final days or weeks of their lives. 

Seniors enjoy their time at the Lynn valley residence.

For seniors who need a little extra help in the short-term, Lynn Valley Care Centre can be the perfect solution.

During your stay, you enjoy the same amenities and care that long-term residents have. This includes 24-hour nursing care, all meals and snacks, housekeeping and laundry services, and our usual programs.  We help with all daily activities such as bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, medication administration, wound care, and eating assistance. You can either shorten your stay or extend it based upon need and availability without any penalty.