Fall is officially upon us. As the colours begin to change and we take in some last summer rays, we can think of no better time to take a stroll through Vancouver’s most picturesque parks and paths with a loved one.

Walking is a great way to get some low-impact exercise – and an opportunity to get outside and enjoy the fall colours while you’re at it! 

It also helps build a stronger, fitter body in a safe way. Seniors may worry that walking will worsen joint pain and arthritis. Sometimes, that is the case and you do just need rest. But getting no exercise is never the answer. Introducing a bit of walking to your daily routine is a great way to start off. Begin with short walks, and you can work your way up. 

These 5 spots near Vancouver and Lynn Valley are good starting points. They offer long stretches, so you can choose between getting some movement during a short stroll or taking on a whole path. Call up your favourite walking buddy and enjoy some fresh air at one of these scenic routes. 

Best Walks In Vancouver For Flowers and Greenery

  1. Queen Elizabeth Park – VanDusen Botanical Gardens

Queen Elizabeth Park’s peaceful and scenic gardens are a great way to spend the day. You can take your time exploring the green space and make your way to the home of Bloedel Floral Conservatory, one of Canada’s best indoor arboretums where luscious greenery blooms and stunning plant species from around the world are showcased year round. After browsing breathtaking greenery, head west along 37th Avenue to find VanDusen Botanical Garden. It’s located near the centre of Vancouver and the space covers 130 Acres.

van dusen garden is one of the best vancouver walks for seniors

Best Walks In Vancouver For When You’re Feeling Ambitious

  1. Stanley Park Seawall Loop

The culturally significant Stanley Park offers perfectly picturesque views of the water and an opportunity to learn about the history of the area. The east side of the Park is a popular starting point for the 10km journey (feel free to cut it short). From there, you can enjoy great views, luscious greenery, sculptures, monuments, and more.

It’s not hard to see why this walking path is so popular; it boasts beautiful views of the North Shore mountains, the downtown skyline, and English Bay. 

If you or your walking buddy are looking for something a bit shorter, walk along the water and turn back around when you’re ready for a lunch break!

Best Walks In Vancouver For Iconic Ocean Views

  1. Coal Harbour Seawall Walk

This boardwalk is a tourist favourite and it’s full of Vancouver culture! The 6km trail blends natural beauty and spectacular ocean views with a diverse collection of art, restaurants, and shops. The waterfront area is full of marinas and boats to sightsee along the way. If you’re up to walk the whole path, then you will start and end at Canada Place – a symbol of national pride in British Columbia.

Best Walks In Vancouver For a Lynn Valley Classic

  1. Lynn Canyon

While Lynn Canyon is commonly known for its hiking, you can find easy trails and walking spots around the area. That said, this option is adventurous and meant for those people looking for some more exerting movement. Lynn Canyon is also very close to the Lynn Valley Care Centre

Check for ‘easy’ rated trails, and enjoy man-made walkways to avoid the gravel and dirt. If you’re feeling really daring, cross the suspension bridge!

Best Walks In Vancouver For a Beach Day

  1. Jericho Beach to Spanish Banks, Vancouver

This pathway offers stunning panoramic views of the sea-to-sky along with North Vancouver. The 9.5km path can get quite rocky, so we recommend taking a shorter stroll along the water starting at either Jericho Beach or Spanish Banks.

If you’re up to go all the way, be prepared to encounter a rocky area near Spanish Banks. Apart from that, the trail is mostly composed of packed-down gravel. The trail is also not covered, so be sure to bring sunscreen and a hat.

spanish banks, one of the best vancouver walks for seniors

Final Thoughts

It can be very challenging to keep up with outdoor exercise routines during Vancouver’s rainy winter. But for the time being, it’s the perfect time to do some end-of-summer exploring, with a family member or friend and the September sunshine by your side. For more senior tips and content, please reach out to Lynn Valley Care Centre.